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TECHNOLOchicas 3.0 Launch

10-05-2018 00:00 to 00-00-0000 00:00
Microsoft Washington Seattle

TECHNOLOchicas 3.0 Launch, co-produced by the Televisa Foundation and the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), is a national initiative designed to raise awareness among young Latinas and their families about opportunities and careers in technology. Powerful stories highlight the lives of Latinas from diverse backgrounds and environments who are in technology fields and recognize the power of innovation to change the world. These stories allow girls to perceive TECHNOLOchicas as “relatable” role models who are similar to themselves and are promoted through several communication channels, including broadcast television, local events, social media, and online videos.

Feria de Educación Univisión at Fresno

09-20-2018 00:00 to 00-00-0000 00:00
California Fresno

On Saturday, September 20, we participated at Univision’s Education Fair with a panel of four Technolochicas where we share with parents and students information about the opportunities their children have in the STEM field; we discussed the importance of encouraging our young Latina women to study or develop on a career related to science and technology. We talked about the challenges our generations are facing today as a result of constant change, globalization and technology development. It was an excellent opportunity to get the chance to answer questions to parents and to see their interest in looking for ways to give better chances for their children.

We want to thank Xiomara Contreras, Aura Barrera, Acelia Castañeda and Maria Pantoja for their participation in this event.

Feria de Educación Univisión at Los Ángeles

09-20-2018 00:00 to 00-00-0000 00:00
California Los Ángeles

On Saturday, September 20, we participated at Univision's Education Fair with a workshop. Ethel Fimbres, Gemma Busoni, and Diana Balderas, Technolochicas Ambassadors, gave students and parents the opportunity to explore the various ways computers work. The discovered the importance of electricity and learned that without electricity, we would not have technology.  They also learned about Binary and how source code is converted into machine code.

Congressman Correa Event at Century High School

09-19-2018 00:00 to 00-00-0000 00:00
California Santa Ana

On Friday, September 19, we gave a talk at Century High School in Santa Ana for students. We had the pleasure to have Congressman Lou Correa as the keynote speaker, who motivated girls to get involved in science and technology to become the Santa Ana's Technolochicas.

Our Technolochicas: Madelyn Tavarez, Susana Gómez, María Jiménez and Yadira Valadez highlighted the opportunities for girls in the technology and STEM fields, and shared with the students their anecdotes to encourage them to be confident, to help each other and to pursue their dreams.


Feria de educación de Univision 2018 Phoenix

09-08-2018 00:00 to 09-08-2018 00:00
Arizona Phoenix

On Saturday, September 8 more than 40 organizations will come together to provide all the information families need to ensure their children’s academic success. There will be a reading corner, education resources, workshops about how to prepare kids for college, STEM careers, state programs to help students pay for college, how to find help to pay for college regardless of the students immigration status and more.

Latinitas Code Chicas July 2018

07-23-2018 00:00 to 07-26-2018 00:00
El Paso Texas

Join our Latinitas Summer Camp this summer! STEAM Week: Learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math! Come with us to FabLab to learn about virtual reality and enjoy other tech activities. Provided by Bianca and Latinitas Inc.