TECHNOLOchicas is a national initiative of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) and Televisa Foundation designed to raise awareness among young Latinas and their families about opportunities and careers in technology. TECHNOLOchicas uses the powerful stories of Latinas from diverse backgrounds, who are in technology fields, and recognize the power of innovation to change the world. These stories allow girls to see real-life role models to whom they can relate.

Why TECHNOLOchicas?

Latina girls and women in the U.S. may be avid users of technology, but they are significantly underrepresented in its creation: Latinas occupied only 2 percent of jobs in the computing workforce in 2016. 1 Qualified, diverse talent is needed to fill an estimated 1.1 million computing-related job openings expected by 2024.2 Latinas are one of the fastest-growing populations in the U.S., which makes them a vastly untapped talent pool and makes their underrepresentation in computing particularly troubling.

Latinas’ participation in computing disciplines not only improves the economic outlook of the Hispanic community, but their participation also impacts the U.S. society, workforce, and economy as a whole by improving companies’ bottom lines, expanding the qualified employee pool, promoting equality, reflecting the customer base, and enhancing innovation through distinct perspectives.

It is critical to acknowledge, celebrate, and raise visibility for Latinas in tech whose legacies and real-life stories inspire young women to pursue computing. TECHNOLOchicas is a necessary, focused approach that highlights the interests, strengths, and needs of Latinas. This campaign helps to show the Latino community that their daughters can achieve the same, or even greater, success in the technology industry. “She can’t be what she can’t see.”

Access our campaing videos here Meet the TECHNOLOchicas