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Get inspired to follow in the footsteps of these 10 amazing Latinas who share a passion for technology. Learn about their journeys, watch how each one of them is succeeding in their technology-related fields and get motivated to create the technologies of the future!

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Diana Trujillo

Mars Curiosity Rover Mission Leader at NASA JPL.

“I am now sitting at NASA as the mission lead to the Mars Curiosity Rover. That is something I didn’t think I could do. But it’s something I did, and I think you can do it as well.”

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Beatris Mendez Gandica

Program Manager at Microsoft.

“IT is super fun… You can make anything happen, and all you need is passion. And, be willing to learn something that's new.”

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Susana Tapia

Chemical Engineer at NASA.

“I first discovered I liked technology when I took a high school chemistry class”.

Alma Stephanie Tapia

Materials Engineer at NASA

“Growing up as a bilingual kid, writing in English was something a little bit tough for me, but Science and Math were topics that I could really understand.”

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Susana Gomez-Burgos

Technology, Arts, and Media Student at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Studying technology has given me an idea about how the world works. I feel I've been able to understand how I can make an impact in the world and society around me.”

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Andrea Chaves

Spanish and Technology Teacher at The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria.

“I am very excited to explore new technologies with my students because I know that they will be the ones changing technology in the future.”

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Madelyn Tavarez

Android Engineer at Pinterest.

“I really love my work. I am really excited that I got the opportunity to come work in the tech hub of the world.”

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Ana Hernandez

Computer Science Student at Glendale Community College.

“Being part of the tech field gives me the opportunity to share the excitement of building and creating things with other people. It’s inspiring and motivating.”

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Amy Villaseñor

Software Engineer at Qualcomm.

“Technology to me means a gateway to the future. It means the ability to be able to create things that we don’t even think are possible yet.”

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Karina Canales

Sales Insight Manager at Google.

“If you have the willingness to achieve amazing things and be creative, you are the perfect person for technology.”

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