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It’s hard to believe that summer is nearly over, which means it’s #BackToSchool time! As the new school year begins, we especially want to give parents and teachers several resources and tips for encouraging aspiring TECHNOLOchicas. This month’s newsletter offers some highlights. As always, thanks for signing up to hear all of the latest TECHNOLOchicas news — inspiring videos, resources, news articles, and event highlights.

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Featured Video

Looking for a little “Back To School” inspiration? Look no further than Actress, Producer, Director, and Philanthropist Eva Longoria. In this month’s featured video, she shares a very important message for all young Latinas heading back to the classroom.

“Back to School” Tips

Make the most of your future TECHNOLOchica’s new school year with these six tips:

  1. There is no single pathway to a career in tech. TECHNOLOchicas can come from many educational paths like community colleges, technical schools and certificate programs, four-year colleges and universities, and the military. // NCWIT C4C Intersecting Pathways Poster

  2. Celebrate all attempts at trying new things. Recognize effort, strategies, and behaviors: Say, “It’s obvious you put a lot of work into this project.” Or, “Great idea to brainstorm and plan before jumping in!” // NCWIT Top 10 Ways Families Can Encourage Girls' Interest in Computing (also available in Spanish)

  3. Invite your aspiring TECHNOLOchica’s friends over for a “how to” night on getting involved with computing competitions! // NCWIT Top 10 Ways to Increase Girls' Participation in Computing Competitions

  4. Throughout the school year, remember to continue discussions about media representations and unconscious biases. When watching TV, reading magazines, or coming across ads related to technology, strike up informal chats about the kinds of representation portrayed. Ask for opinions about these representations, and offer your own. Even small comments when running across these representations can ‘interrupt’ the moment and challenge portrayals.” // NCWIT Girls in IT: The Facts

  5. Investigate with your future TECHNOLOchica, and ask questions such as, “I wonder how they did that?” Connect technology with her interests such as pets, art, music, science, health, or sports. // NCWIT Top 10 Ways Families Can Encourage Girls' Interest in Computing

  6. Did you know that NCWIT Aspirations in Computing (AiC) is a program that supports and encourages girls with computing interests, just like your budding TECHNOLOchica? Applications for the NCWIT Award for AiC open on September 1. (Sign up for the AiC newsletter to receive application details.)

Want more tips? Follow along on Facebook and Twitter, and browse the complete set of NCWIT resources online. And, be sure to share them with your communities.

Featured News Coverage

  • Our TECHNOLOChicas have been making weekly visits to Noticias 45 Houston's “Edicion Digital Houston!” The show airs Wednesday mornings at 11:30 a.m. CDT. You can watch live episodes, or catch previous interviews here:
  • TECHNOLOchica Alejandrina Gonzalez shared her story with CNN en Espanol!
  • With the Hot Seat, TECHNOLOchica Alissa Chavez is working to protect babies from being left in hot cars, and she sat down with KOAT news to explain her invention.
  • TECHNOLOChica Blakeley Hoffman was awarded a GEM National Consortium Fellowship! The GEM program seeks to enhance the value of the nation's human capital by increasing the participation of underrepresented groups at the master's and doctoral levels in engineering and science. Way to go!
  • Do you know what a “Data Architect” does? TECHNOLOchicas Jessica Santana and Natalia Rodriguez explain on this Univision segment:
  • Can artificial intelligence (AI) help feed the hungry, end unemployment, and fight cancer? TECHNOLOchica Lolita Taub thinks so. She’s sharing her thoughts in her recent TEDxIEMadrid talk.
  • We spy TECHNOLOchica Beatris Gandica spreading her magic message! // “Science and technology are great fields of work. There are a lot of opportunities in this field, and there are no limitations. Technology has no barriers; you can code and configure whatever you like or want. It is like magic, but real.”

Past Events

Upcoming Events

  • On October 14, the TECHNOLOchicas will be back in California for the 3rd Annual Latina Power in STEM Conference at Glendale Community College! Participants will have a variety of workshops and hands-on activities to choose from. In the Los Angeles area? Parents with aspiring TECHNOLOchicas in middle or high school can register today!

More events, appearances, and celebrations are in the works for this fall, as we near our two year anniversary! Be sure that you are following us via social media and watching for future newsletters to be the first to know where the TECHNOLOchicas will be next.

Spreading the Word

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