Gaby Andrade

B.A. Economics and International Relations, Claremont McKenna College
Place Of Birth: San Pedro Sula, Honduras Family heritage: Honduras


I am a software engineer at Intuit, the parent company to products like Turbotax and QuickBooks. Currently I build a website for marketing teams within Intuit to send push notifications to customers phones. For example, if you started your taxes with Turbotax, and you also have the mobile app installed on your phone, you probably received a notification in the past month encouraging you to finish filing your taxes with Turbotax. This was sent using the website I work on. I love building tools that customers use, and figuring out how to make them beautiful and intuitive.

Current job

Software Engineer

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

It is extremely empowering to be able to think of an idea and then build it yourself. You can build tools that help businesses, individuals, political campaigns, and your community – the possibilities are endless! In addition to that, careers in the field are extremely challenging and rewarding, and you will always be learning something new.