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Mercy Manrique

Place of birth:

Los Angeles, CA

Family Heritage:



Software Development @ Free Code Camp, / Tech Bootcamp @ 42 USA

Current job:

Bilingual Retention and Sales at Charter (Spectrum Cable)


Currently studying software development at Free Code Camp (100% free tuition, work your own pace, and study from home!). The first certification (the one I'm currently in) is front-end which is more on the design aspect by using code for things such as making websites or basic apps. Once I complete the first certification,


I plan to look for work in UI/UX which is the planning and designing the aesthetic look for websites and mobile devices by using specialized designing software. I will also continue my education at free code camp to get full stack certification which is the combination of design and code.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

Often times we associate Science and Technology careers to be a lot of math. We rarely hear how fun it can be and how it is not as scary as it is stereotyped to be.

It has good earning potential and times are changing. The numbers of women in the science and tech fields are increasing.