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Analisa Cantu

Place of birth:

Brownsville, Texas

Family Heritage:

U.S., Mexico, Spain, Germany


Communication Studies with a focus in Corporate Communications, University of Texas at Austin

Current job:

Growth Marketing, Bumble Inc


In its simplest form, I work with numbers and the people they're about.


I use both ends of that spectrum to create seamless, powerful, and efficient stories for brands that help grow their online and offline communities.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

Think outside the box. There is more than one way to pursue what you love, and that diversity of opportunity is one of the beautiful things about the STEM field.

If you like medicine, you don't necessarily have to be a doctor - think about working in healthcare technology developing new techniques to streamline organ donation. There are so many ways to lift where you stand, when it comes to working in STEM.