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Karina Cuadrado

Place of birth:

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Family Heritage:

Puerto Rico


B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Penn State Behrend

Current job:

Student /Intern at LORD Corporation


I am currently a Sophomore at Penn State Behrend as well as a Student Associate at LORD Corporation. I just started taking courses that pertain to my major (Digital Logic and Circuits & Devices) and they have reassured my decision of studying Electrical Engineering. To enhance my college experience, I decided to do an internship at LORD Corporation where I can actually apply what I learn in class. At this internship I work mostly with analysis of data. I get to participate in the testing portion of electro-mechanical parts and later manipulate the raw data from the tests to make them readable and helpful.


During this time I have learned a lot about software applications (i.e. MatLab) that I will need for my career. Therefore, I believe that an internship is very fruitful for aspiring engineers as it has been for me. Electrical Engineering is a beautiful and complex field. If you every found yourself wondering why the lights in your room flicker sometimes or, something more extraordinary, how an aircraft's flight control system works, Electrical Engineering could be right for you.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

Science and Technology is the future; it contains areas of study where a lot of breakthroughs happen almost daily. Engineering, Mathematics, Science, among others, are all fields worth learning more about if you have an interest in creativity, innovation and creation.

The sky is the limit when there is a desire to learn.