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Marta Rey-Babarro

Place of birth:

Ourense, Spain

Family Heritage:



PhD, Complutense University of Madrid, MS HCI, University of Michigan, Bachelor's in Information Science, Complutense of Madrid

Current job:

Lead Researcher Corporate Engineering, Lead Researcher Education Google


I arrived to Google three and a half years ago to be the lead researcher of two new internal products at Google. From that, I became the lead researcher of the team and I helped my manager grow it in four different locations. I talked about the importance of UX research when building products that will delight people to the whole division. It was very exciting to see how a team that knew very little about user experience, now thrives on it.


Then I came up with the idea of doing UX sprints, to include everyone in the design process of products. Along with another woman at Google, we contacted others in the User Experience community and we funded the Design Sprint Academy at Google that aims to spread innovative ways of working, putting the user first, and including all roles of a product to envision how it would be. The Academy is super successful, we have trained more than 300 Googlers into adopting this new methodology! I am right now doing research to determine who the users of a new product at Google will be, in an area that I know little about. I am fascinated by the challenge!

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

The world of technology is fascinating. With a career like mine, you can change areas all the time (from banking, to software, to jewelry or the arts) and keep learning your entire life. While I work in technology and many of my peers have technical degrees, I don't have a technical degree, my undergrad, master's degree and PhD are all in the Humanities, yet people like me are very valuable to building technology that helps people around the world, since we represent the user.

I would love to empower girls to think about Technology and explore different technical paths, not only having a technical degree.