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Amy Villasenor

Place of birth:

Thousand Oaks, CA

Family Heritage:



BS in Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology - MS in CS Student

Current job:

Software Engineer at Qualcomm, Inc.


At my job I develop software that is utilized for the connectivity of a cellular phone to its appropriate network provider. This means that I write code that will help with such functions. Specifically, the software's responsibility is to read and interpret the SIM card found inside of a cell phone. The information on the SIM card then allows the phone to have access to voice and data services used for daily communication.


My undergraduate degree taught me the fundamentals of Computer Science. I learned about software development, different coding languages, basic computer architecture. etc. The degree gave me the ability to be able to learn a new programming language within a short period of time on my own. It also gave me a strong foundation for my Masters degree. My specialization for my Masters program is Computing Systems. The program will allow me to take courses such as Computer Networks, Computer Architecture, and other classes that will enhance my coding and software designing skills.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

I recommend exploring careers in Science and Technology because in addition to them being interesting and rewarding, it is important to explore as many careers as possible. It is especially important to explore those careers which we do not traditionally hear of because we can't know that we like a certain field or job if we don't know it exists.

Exploring careers in these fields could mean the difference between waking up every day to do a job you may not enjoy and waking up every day to feeling like you never have to work a day in your life, feeling as if you get wake up to get paid to do what you find completely enjoyable.