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Alissa Chavez

Place of birth:

Albuquerque, NM

Family Heritage:

New Mexico


Student at University of New Mexico

Current job:

Inventor of Hot Seat, CEO of Assila LLC and Student


I am the owner of my own company called Assila LLC. I invented and patented my product called Hot Seat. Hot Seat is an alarm system that prevents children from being accidentally left in a hot car. On average, 40 children every year die from being accidentally left in a hot car. Hot Seat started as a project for my schools science fair. My mom owns a home childcare business so children have always been a big part of my life. I heard so many stories about children dying from being accidentally left in a hot car and I knew there had to be a solution.


Hot Seat is simple to use and can be used in any car seat. It has a sensor pad that can be placed in any infant, toddler or booster seat. It then connects via Bluetooth to the parent's iPhone. If a child is in the seat and the cell phone is at least 15ft away from the vehicle and alarm on the app will sound. Notifying the caregiver that a child is still in the seat. I am currently starting manufacturing of my product and hope to have it on the market within the next month!

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

I would recommend that other Latina girls explore careers in Science and Technology because you may have a new and innovative idea that can really make a difference.

Just by opening your mind to new fields of work you may find something that you are really interested in!