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Cecilia Corral

Place of birth:

Phar, TX

Family Heritage:



B.S. Product Design Engineering, Stanford University

Current job:

Co-founder & VP of Product, CareMessage


After my dad passed away, I started a technology company to help people in my community get healthier. Clinics, hospitals and health plans can use our website to reach out to their patients using text messages. Patients can get reminders for their appointments or health information directly to their cell phone. For example, a patient with diabetes may get a text message in the morning reminding them to drink more water or encouraging them to take a short walk.


I manage the teams of designers, researchers and engineers that design our website and the text messages our patients get. I am able to look back at many of the experiences I had growing up, coming from a low income family, to make sure what we are designing and building is relevant for my community and those we want to help.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

Growing up my parents stressed the importance of helping my community and those around me. Through technology, I am able to do this at a very large scale. My company has close to 1 million patients on our website and I am extremely proud to know that I have created something that helps people in need be healthier.

Science has been a really important part of being able to design something that really works and helps people in my community live longer and healthier lives. Generally, science and technology open the doors for you to create anything you can dream of!