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Karina Carvajal

Place of birth:

Los Angeles, CA

Family Heritage:

Mexico and El Salvador


Computer Information Systems Student at California State University of Los Angeles

Current job:

Software Engineer Intern at Edlio


I currently attend California State University of Los Angeles majoring in CIS. I had an epiphany early on - technology can be connected to everything in the world around us. In high school my biggest push towards technology occurred through Iridescent's Technovation challenge. In the challenge I worked with other students and created a mobile application for environmental issues concerning with the community. I was responsible for programming code blocks to command the actions in the app. This is where my curiosity sparked. I learned HTML and CSS to create websites using Adobe Dreamweaver and was able to delve more into website and application development during her internship with Edlio.


During high school I was involved with technology and environment related programs. Now that I am in college, I help in MEP(MESA Engineering Program) and in my free time make websites while improving hmy developer and professional skills. I've has learned various programming languages and software and have a goal to learn something new each day. In my job, I mainly work on making school’s IOS and Android app to help students and teachers have access with a touch of their fingers. While being in a work group project at Edlio to make our websites international. My studies are a mixture of business and computer science, I get educated on how companies use technology / informational systems and use it to their advantage.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

I would recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latinas, not only for the low number we are in the field but because every Latina girl is capable of working in those fields. And I understand media portrays Latinas only in working class and jobs that are not ambitious. While this negative portrayal of Latinas does not let other Latinas realize that they could go up the professional ladder. However, they could do it knowing that there are more opportunities and passion in technology. They’re always jobs for this field and it’s getting known that companies want a diverse group. The skills you receive in finding a career in science and technology could help the community, the state, and even globally.

They will also have support from the group NCWIT. And I know that their families would be so proud as having, maybe their first generation daughter become a professional and help solve issues in the world full of technology. And the world want us to prosper, lead, be innovators and become part of great movement. We mainly do this for the love of technology, humanity and the belief of a better future not only for ourselves or our families but the world.