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Betsy De La Cruz

Place of birth:

Chicago, IL

Family Heritage:

Mexico, El Salvador


Computer Engineering at Villanova University

Current job:



I am a rising sophomore at Villanova University. Over the summer I was a coding instructor for Blue 1647, an innovation center dedicated to teach underrepresented students coding. The code I taught at Blue 1647 was Lua programming, in which it has some basic similarities to C programming. In my first year of college I took a C programming course, so teaching at Blue 1647 was a great experience to pass down what I know.


On the side, I am self teaching HTML and CSS in hoping of building my very own website. I am also tampering with Arduino every once in a while, so I can learn something new outside of coding and more to hardware.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

As a young Latina, I wish I was in such a programs so I can keep motivating myself to learn more about technology when I was a little girl. Now completing my first year of college, I regret not fulfilling my desire of exploring technology, and that was because I wasn't supported well and didn't have the right equipment for it.

I love my computer engineering major but I would not had struggled as much as I did the first year if I was dedicated to learning coding in high school or at a younger age. Now through my experience I would like to push young Latinas to explore the technology field and hopefully not go through what I had to go. This is am amazing opportunity and being part of it, will be worth it and fun.