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Vanessa Barlow

Place of birth:

Fairfax, VA

Family Heritage:



McLean High School

Current job:



Currently, I am a rising senior at McLean High School in McLean, VA. I am part of the Computer Science Honor Society at my school. I am also starting a Girls Who Code Chapter at my school. I do a lot of programming during my free time. I know seven programming languages and am learning more and more on code academy.


I received my Comptia A+ certification and am working towards my cyber security certification as well. I am also part of the Cyber Patriot team and am thinking about joining Robotics this year. I am very interested in computer hardware and software careers.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

It opens doors to a different world. By learning something that seems impossible, you learn that you can handle anything. You can defy racial stereotypes and achieve something that felt impossible.

Science and technology is power, and once it is gained you can only excel.