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Sneha Iyer

Place of birth:

Johns Creek, GA

Family Heritage:

Puerto Rico


Bioengineering Student at Princeton University

Current job:



I study Bioengineering at Princeton University. In the past I have worked on projects such as making a pen for people with Parkinson's disease to be able to write more legibly and designing a company that links wearable ECG patches to smartphone apps to 24/7 monitor cardiac rhythms and provide early heart attack detection.


I am on a pre-med track and want to be a neurosurgeon and eventually venture into biotech startups and build my own company. Besides STEM, I play soccer and work as a photographer at an animal shelter!

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

It is a fabulous field that needs more women to make it thrive.

Each girl has something unique that she can bring to the field that will make it one step closer to curing the pressing problems of the 21st century.