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Devki Trivedi

Place of birth:

Detroit, MI

Family Heritage:

India, Zambia


BS in Computer Science at Cornell Univeristy

Current job:



I am attending Cornell University to study computer science. Computer science is such a vas subject, it can include anything from designing a website to animating your favorite cartoon! I am super excited to pursue this field and also inspire younger minorities around me to pursue it. I have been very involved with NCWIT (National Center for Women In Technology) and Girls Who Code and Code.org. The work that these companies are doing is astounding. It has been amazing to work alongside the employees at Code.org. I was able to see how they make their tutorials and about how they market it to audiences of all ages. I have seen students as young as 4 completing the tutorials so many young kids are definitely capable.


At Cornell, I not only want to pursue computer science but I also want to educate myself in Feminist and Gender Studies. Being a feminist myself and a female in a minority women field, I am very passionate about feminism. I want to combine my knowledge in gender studies and computer science to educate people around me.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

The science and technology field has so much to offer and students can make anything out of it. It is so vast and almost any item nowadays requires technology. Also, the field is empowering and all young girls deserve to feel empowered.