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Adriana Martinez

Place of birth:

Chicago, IL

Family Heritage:



High School Student

Current job:

Student, Teacher Assistant at Girls Who Code and Power Up Tech Academy


I have been apart of the Girls Who Code summer immersion program in 2015.The program involves hands-on experience in computing concepts, programming fundamentals, mobile phone development, robotics, and web development and design. I developed a mobile safety App, SafeMe, at the end of the program. This year I am a Teacher Assistant at Girls Who Code where I get to empower young women in computer science and get to help create a better, more inclusive industry.


Along with that during the school year I work at Power Up Tech Academy where I get to teach elementary school kids how to code using Scratch. As my High School career comes to an end I will continue to teach and inspire the next generation of leaders how to confidently code and be apart of the technology industry. In college I will study Computer Science and have a greater impact on the world as a Hispanic female in the industry.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

There are very few Latina girls in the industry. Growing up, there were not many successful people in the tech field that looked like me. Not many successful girls of color in general. This can lower the confidence of young Latina girls interested in science and technology.

I want to make that difference in the world. I want girls of color to know that they can make anything and be anything. Latina girls are capable of being the next inventors and leaders which is why I work hard to make that difference.