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Rabecca Rocha

Place of birth:

Los Angeles, CA

Family Heritage:

Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Spain


Bachelors in Media Arts and Animation at The Art Institute of Seattle

Current job:

Game Tester & Freelance Artist


My name is Rabecca I am a freelance Artist for games in Seattle, Washington. My current occupation is a game tester and I love what I do!


I network constantly to be apart of the diverse culture growing in Seattle and am currently a charitable cheerleader and working closely as a designer for geek girl con.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

I know that the market for girls in gaming is enormous and I would love to reach out to the other latina's that are considering it to see it also as an occupation!

I have a youtube let's play that is geared towards latina's in gaming called LatinaGeek