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Maria Gonzalez

Maria Gonzalez

Place of birth:

Omaha, Nebraska

Family Heritage:

United States


Technical design and Production University of Lincoln Nebraska

Current job:


I am studying to improve my skills in the Media side of technology. Everything that is Film and New Media. Maybe also creating cinematic for Video Games. At the moment, I am taking the starting classes for college, but I am also working on my own Free Lance work. At the University of Lincoln Nebraska, under the Johnny Carson School of Film and New Media, I learn and work with Professionals every day, it is amazing! It can be shooting video, recording audio, editing what we have, or just researching about previous amazing work! Although I am really interested in creating Video Game Cinematics, and currently dont study it because its a more advanced field, I will work hard. Because its hard it doesn't mean it is impossible. I will keep on dreaming, and working until I get until my degree. I know I will make it and I cant wait to work in Video Game Companies!


Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

In my middle school, I was never really exposed to the technology side of the worlds. My teachers showed me careers that existed for women, they were great! But I didnt believe they were for me. When I went to college I saw kids doing cool things with technology and science, but I was never really told about them. After talking to people and teachers, I was able to get into some technology classes, they were amazing and I felt like its something I can see doing in my future. I was right! They make me think and they let me create!