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Evanna Reynoso

Place of birth:

New York, NY

Family Heritage:

Dominican Republic


B.S. in Information Technology

Current job:

Systems Engineer at Harris Corporation


"I am part of a team of engineers who work in the Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Group at Harris Corporation. I work on internal development efforts to deploy private cloud infrastructures to clients. A cloud infrastructure refers to the hardware and software –such as servers, storage, networking and virtualization- needed to support the computing requirements of a cloud computing model. My job focuses on understanding the customer needs, and integrating the engineering requirements. Then, develop a structured process considering the business and technical needs in order to provide a quality product that meet the needs of our clients. My tasks involve test operations, technology integration and troubleshooting. As well as documenting system configurations."


Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

"I'm very proud to be Latina, and especially for what our past generations have accomplished so that today we are an imposing ethnic group in the United States. I strongly believe that it is now up to my generation to block stereotypes from other cultures to our people. It is up to us to ensure that our future generations of Latinos become a well-represented workforce in the entire labor market. And lastly, it is up to us that more Latinas feel empowered to take on leadership roles and go into fields that have traditionally been dominated by men.

I would definitely recommend other Latinas to explore careers in Science and Technology as it is one of the fastest-growing and highest-paid sectors currently in the United States. Moreover, STEM offers a diverse and fun field of study. You can choose from learning the ocean environment through Ocean Engineering, or Astronomy and study the space. Similarly, either manufacture a computer and design its hardware & software, or develop a highway or a house. Today, most of the job openings are in the Science and Technology industry. Also big corporations are getting incentives to hire minorities and diversify their workforce, a great opportunity especially for Latinas to take on!"