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Jaritza Verdin

Place of birth:

Chicago, IL,

Family Heritage:



Bachelors Degree - Northern Illinois University

Current job:


I am currently a Junior at Northern Illinois University majoring in Operations Management in Information Systems with a minor in Computer Science. Operations Management in Information Systems short for (OMIS) deals with the data analysis, application design, and the management of operations in Information Systems.


There is a lot of exposure with logistics and leading edge information technologies. I am also a minor in Computer Science. Computer Science relates in part to (OMIS) but its more about the software. I deal a lot with coding and development.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

I would encourage Latina girls to explore careers in Science and Technology because not many women are involved or studying something in technology. We need more women in tech. The industry is rapidly growing and the supply cannot keep up with demand which is why it would be great for women to take up more technology roles. Many girls are discouraged to take up on a technology majors because of the stereotypes their is of men being better at STEM subjects. That is not true!

Many women have made it to big roles in their company all because of their degree in technology. With more roles models, and support the number of women in IT can increase. The world needs more women in IT. Many women might feel discouraged because most STEM classes are full of men but I see it as a motivation to be one of those few women doing something with technology.