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Gemma Busoni

Place of birth:

San Salvador, El Salvador

Family Heritage:



High School

Current job:

Developer Operations at Discovr Labs


I manage business development and developer operations at Discovr Labs (discovrlabs.com). Discovr Labs is bringing virtual reality to education. We build immersive learning experiences and the tools to manage them in higher ed and training institutions. Immersive learning experiences improve subject matter retention by establishing emotional connections to the content. Our mission is to empower learners by removing the barriers to experiential education, and to make it easy for them to access these types of experiences and reap their benefits.


We do this by creating highly engaging content based on proven education models. We build tools to facilitate and deploy VR learning content through our learning management system. Our strategy is to start with content and then establish ourselves as a platform for VR educational content as our target platform matures.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

Exploring careers in science and technology opens your future to a variety of exciting possibilities.

You could be a chemical engineer, a game developer, a Disney Imagineer, and more!