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Katherine Cartagena

Place of birth:

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Family Heritage:

Puerto Rico


Computational Mathematics Student at the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao

Current job:



One of my proudest achievements up until now was becoming student of the year between all the private high schools in Puerto Rico for the year 2012. It was in this same year when I started my undergraduate studies in computational mathematics at the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao. It's here where I had my first encounter with the computer science field. I have always been passionate about mathematics, but I had no prior knowledge about computer science. It turned out that for me computational mathematics was the best of both worlds. Since then I have been dedicated to promote the computer science field to other students who have little knowledge about the topic by giving workshops. This in part motivated me to become the president of the Association of Students of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University. I have also participated in many hackathons where I have created with other students apps and webpages related to education.


Recent accomplishments have been being accepted to summer programs at the University of Iowa and the Harvard University where I have applied my math and programming skills to research topics related to biology. All of these experiences have been enriching for my professional life, and this is why I exhort Latina girls to study this field because having a career in science and technology allows you to work in many diverse areas like education, architecture, medicine, statistics, and many others.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

Technology has a great impact in our world every day. It is responsible for various improvements inside the health industry, businesses production, housing, lifestyle and entertainment. It brings easy access to information which means it’s very convenient for education upon other things. I truly believe every Latina girl should encourage themselves to form part of such an amazing career that will permit them to be part of the changes this world will be facing in the future. Why not help create the technology that will bring the changes we desire for our world? Latinas go strive for your dreams and become part of the change! Never limit yourselves, always work for the best and as long as you work for what you’re passionate about, don’t let anything stop you!