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Place of birth:

Kentucky, USA

Family Heritage:



B.A. in Hispanic and Italian Studies from Johns Hopkins University, MS and PhD in Computer Science

Current job:

Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras


My research centers on using visualization, machine learning, and data mining to improve the state of medicine in intensive care units. I want to lessen health disparities throughout the Americas. For this reason, I am one of the Founders of the Symposium of Health Informatics in Latin America and the Caribbean. With my high school and undergraduate students, we are developing assistive technologies for programming to make the creation of programs accessible to everyone.


I also am working to incorporate computational thinking and computer science into the curriculum of high schools in Puerto Rico to make computing accessible to everyone. I am a former National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and am passionate about diversifying the field of computer science and technology.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

A career in science and technology allows you to work in so many diverse fields such medicine, education, healthcare, art, and architecture. If you can think of a field, I can probably find a way to apply science and technology. However, great solutions are formed from collaborations with diverse teams when designing the technology and that is what we as Latina women are very good at because of the unifying roles we play in our families and our communities.

I recommend exploring careers in science and technology because they give you the freedom to pursue solutions in areas that are important to you, because you will play an important role in forming diverse working collaborative environments that build good creative solutions, and because it will allow you to have a lifestyle where you will make good money, travel and meet many interesting people as well as have a flexible work schedule.