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Place of birth:

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Family Heritage:

Puerto Rico


High School Diploma in Academia Santo Tomas de Aquino Superior.

Current job:



I’m currently on my second year of college and I’m majoring in architecture, a major that involves a lot of computing (for making structural analysis and making architectural plans).Thanks to my experience in the computing and tech area, I have managed to achieve many things and many opportunities have come to me. I love being an architecture student, as I get to show my abilities with technology and computing. I’ve done many architecture works with special programs and it hasn’t been so difficult to learn new things, thanks to my past experiences.


Even though I’m just starting to develop my abilities in this major, I know I’m going to achieve many great things. I want to help change the world with my knowledge. I want to help others. I love to encourage other girls to pursue their dreams even though other people want to discourage them. I have been there, people telling me architecture is a very hard major and some telling me that I was crazy to enter that field. But here I am, letting them know a young women can achieve big things such as aspiring to become an architect. I’m not gonna lie, it has been difficult and I’ve had hard moments, but I managed to keep on going because my dream is to help others through my future career.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

I would recommend other Latinas to study careers in science and technology because girls have the chance to make a change in this world through technology. The things we know about technology can help us find solutions to problems other people haven’t had the chance to address.

Latinas need to show people we have the opportunity to make this world a different place, that we can learn about tech and we can make great things too!