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Place of birth:

Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Family Heritage:

Puerto Rico and Italy


Student at University of Puerto Rico BA in Computerized Mathematics

Current job:

Software Developer Intern at Rock Solid Technologies at San Juan, PR


In the summer of 2010, as a high school student, I visited the University of California, Los Angeles' Center of Embedded Networked Sensing, where I created an android phone application "What's Hazardous", used to minimize potential hazards through the use of participatory sensing. Through the submission of this project, I was awarded the 2010 NCWIT Award for aspirations in Computing Puerto Rico Affiliate. That same year, I presented another investigation entitled "Non Stop Decomposition" about decomposing awareness with which I won a best oral presentation medal at the 2010 Winter Pre-college Symposium of the Ana G. Mendez System. Later in 2011, I became an assistant mentor for students such as myself, helping out with their researches.


As an undergraduate, I have formed part of the directives of the PR regional National Institute of Science, as the vice-president, and as the secretary for SACNAS chapter at the Metropolitan University in PR. Also, I have formed part of the Honor Students group and the Association of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Puerto Rico in Humacao. Lastly, my most recent accomplishment has been winning a Rock Solid 2015 Scholarship and working there for two internships now, in the position of software engineer trainee. Towards the future, I am aiming to obtain a master degree in education to then be able to create a technological application to aid students in the mathematics field.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

We are living in a world that is advancing rapidly. In order to succeed you have to be properly prepared with as many skills possible to be worth being employed. Nevertheless, it is never too soon to start searching for a career. This is why if you are creative, innovative and/or have the thrive to help others, this is your field! A career in Science and Technology brings endless possibilities to make of this world what you want it to be. Being able to create useful tools for yourself and others has been my motivation for entering this field; which is why I exhort all Latinas to look for programs that will suit your interests in Computer Science.

elieve me, even though you might think you are too young or old to start looking, let me tell you that there is no such thing as an age limit in this field. Curiosity and ambition are your limits, and I know they surpass the sky. Start looking into search engines and find that start to develop the passion inside. Welcome to your Code World our future TECHNOLOchica!