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Place of birth:

Miami, FL, USA

Family Heritage:

Cuba and Dominican Republic


NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering (Freshman) - B.S. Computer Science 2019

Current job:



I am a Freshman at NYU - Polytechnic School of Engineering studying Computer Science & Engineering (Brooklyn,NY). I was born in Hialeah,FL and raised in Deltona,FL. As a daughter of Cuban and Dominican parents, I focused on guiding Latinas to join science and tech fields. In my efforts I have been able to work with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Coca-Cola, Toyota, and Google (among the many other companies).


I am also an NCWIT National Runner-Up, Gates Millennium Scholar, and Buick's Achievers STEM Scholar. I also have a website called STEMLatina.Com dedicated to helping minorities find scholarships and enter the tech field.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

Empowering Latinos to join STEM fields will support not only them, but their ever growing communities as well. I hope to inspire a community of Latinos to pursue their passions, flourish in the workplace, and continue the cycle of inspiration. Coding is about contributing to the community, working on large open-source projects, and solving social problems in new and innovative ways. My experiences have nurtured my love for computer science and have instilled in me a need to reach further and learn more.

I want to be an example to the Latina community to reach for your dreams even when others tell you to give up. Coding is not just a skill, but a way of thinking. It is how I think and see the world: as one intricate and luxurious line of code. I have learned that coding isn't just about fixing computers. It’s a lyrical poem, numbers and symbols racing across the screen. It’s my delicate masterpiece coming to life. It’s a culture, a community. It’s my safe haven, and an opportunity to change the lives of others.