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Place of birth:

New York, NY, USA

Family Heritage:

Dominican Republic


Bachelor of Economics Binghamton University and Mobile Engineering fellowship at C4Q

Current job:

Android Engineer at Pinterest


I received my Bachelor's in Economics from Binghamton University and soon after graduating realized that I did not want a career in banking or finance. I wanted to pursue a career in a field that would allow me to solve tough problems while simultaneously being innovative and creative. Essentially I wanted a career that would allow me to have fun while creating programs, applications, and products that contributed to people's lives in a positive way. I have always loved math and science but didn't realize until my last year of college that my favorite thing about these subjects was how much fun it was to come up with unique ways to solve problems. Although there are formulas for solving problems, I was always a bit of a rebel and worked through problems in my own way, often finding solutions to the problems that the teachers had never taught or previously thought of.


Today, I am an Android Engineer at Pinterest working on the product side of the mobile application. I began to learn how to program in 2015 and soon after applied and got accepted into the AccessCode fellowship where I studied the computer language Java, while simultaneously learning to develop android applications In a few short months, I learned to build powerful applications that can potentially change people's lives and the way they do things. Programming is so rewarding because you can experience yourself leveling up as you gain more skills and knowledge and use them to bring your ideas to life. I love it and only regret not starting to code earlier in life.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

I think all women, young and old, not just Latina girls, should seek careers in science and technology because those are the fields in which we can be disruptive and create the biggest world wide impact. Science and technology have not been fields that Latina women have participated in much throughout history, but I believe these fields need our experiences, input and ideas in order to truly create change that is universal. We have so much to contribute as Latinas and we should not let the opportunity to contribute to the shaping of our world and the universe as we know it pass us by.

Amazing things are taking place in science and technology and Latina girls and women have to make sure they put themselves in a position where they can use their skills to help themselves, their people, their countries and the world as a whole. Science and technology are empowering fields to be in and we have the resources at our disposal to learn and innovate, especially in this country, and we should take advantage of those resources as much as we possibly can. Latina girls are smart and have a variety of experiences and knowledge at their disposal that many people do not have, and they should use that knowledge to help impact the world in a positive way. We can all do it, we just have to believe in ourselves and seek help and guidance when we need it.