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Place of birth:

California, USA

Family Heritage:

Puerto Rico


Computer Engineering, Universidad de Puerto Rico

Current job:

Program Manager 2, Microsoft Corp.


In my current role I work closely with enterprise customers to understand exactly what are their biggest problems with IT management. Once I get a good understanding of the customers experience I turn these into technical specifications and user experience designs. Working closely with engineers allows me to understand the technical possibilities and limitations of the problems we want to solve.


Once we have a new feature ready, I ensure it is well documented, released in a timely fashion and understood by users. I enjoy public speaking, so I make an effort to communicate our product capabilities often. My job is an awesome combination of public speaking, customer obsession and technical problem solving.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

The fields of science and technology pose interesting challenges and through technical innovation we have the possibility of solving some of the great problems of our time. As Latinas, we are part of one of the largest, most tight knit communities in the world. By working together and sharing our unique perspectives we can make an incredible impact on this industry and the world!

¡Adelante, mis hermanas!