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Place of birth:

Inglewood, California, USA

Family Heritage:

Mexico and USA


BS in Biomedical Engineering and BS in Electrical Engineering, California State University, Long Bea

Current job:



I am currently studying biomedical and electrical engineering and will be entering my third year of college in the fall of 2015. By studying these two majors, I am learning how to apply engineering to the medical world. Designing prosthetics, artificial implants, and x-ray machines are just a few examples of what is possible with a degree in biomedical and electrical engineering. I am in a biomedical diversity program called BUILD (BUilding Infrastructure Leading to Diversity) at my school in which I conduct research in the electrical engineering department. My research group is currently working on a device to help stroke patients walk normally again. We have done testing on healthy subjects and will be experimenting with real stroke patients this semester.


Doing this type of work gives me the experience and knowledge I need as a future biomedical engineering researcher. I want to develop devices to better diagnose heart disease in patients. Being a part of the NCWIT community since high school, I am a strong supporter of women in STEM. I am a member of Society of Women Engineers, an organization that promotes women involvement in engineering. As a Hispanic female, I would like to implement my passion of promoting diversity in STEM into my career to inspire a generation of youth with similar interests to do the same.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

Careers in science and technology are not only challenging but they require people from a multitude of backgrounds with different experiences, ideas, and perspectives. Latina girls add diversity to science and technology and equally contribute to a team's goals. Careers in these fields also allow people to become better problem solvers and make a considerable difference in the lives of individuals, communities, and even the world.

In science and technology, anything is possible and knowing that makes it all the more rewarding and fun. There are no limitations on what you can create. I believe science and technology are powerful tools to accomplish one's objectives in an ever-evolving technologically advanced world.