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Place of birth:

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Family Heritage:



B.S. in Mathematics at York College

Current job:

College Assistant at York College Ed Tech Department


I love to help people and become a great team player. I am a Peruvian-American who is excited to learn new things and hopefully apply them to everyday life and help expand the knowledge around. I am a York College graduate who majored in Mathematics with minors in Sociology and Youth Studies.


As a college assistant, I help faculty and students understand the use of Blackboard, an educational resource tool, in the Educational Technology department. I currently attend a program called Access Code 2.1 at Coalition for Queens in Long Island City, NY. I learned plenty of Java concepts and even created Android apps like Ecquo Planner (which is in the Google Playstore Now!). This program helped develop my problem solving and communication skills to become a better mobile developer.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

Is that even a question? Of course I recommend it!