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Place of birth:

Brooklyn, NY

Family Heritage:

Puerto Rico


Syracuse University (BS Accounting, MS Information Management & Technology)

Current job:

Co-Founder, New York On Tech


I taught myself how to code in high school but ended up studying accounting in college. After graduation I turned down a job offer from a top accounting firm to pursue my passion for technology. I co-founded New York On Tech (NYOT), a non profit that works with amazing high school students and provides them with the development, mentoring, network and access they need to be successful in degrees and careers in tech.


The organization recruits talented high school students from low-opportunity communities and places them in a year-long immersion program where they learn how to code, grow as leaders, and are paired with mentors in the tech industry.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

By 2050, 26% of U.S. Women will be Latina. We represent a vastly untapped talent pool and being part of the innovation economy will play an important role in how our nation develops products and services that cater to the growing population of Latinos in general.

Also, there is great economic opportunity in this industry and being techno-savvy will be imperative to the marketability of your skills to potential employers.

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