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Place of birth:

San Francisco, Ca

Family Heritage:




Current job:

Software Engineer at Microsoft


As a Microsoft Software Engineer my daily tasks include performing diagnostics on customer issues, attending meetings, debugging code, and performing analytics on error data. In performing diagnostics on customer issues, I get to talk to customers on forums and ask them relevant questions to then translate their issues to issues developers can understand and work with.


As part of this job I also need to collect logs that give engineering teams an insight into users problems. After that data is collected, I need to meet with several teams to determine how many people are being affected by a problem, and how log it will take to resolve that problem and put out a fix. I also get to work on tools that automate our daily lives to make it easier. A lot of these tools are for data analysis and data visualizations.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

Technology is a very broad field with a huge range of topics. There are is a huge space for Latina's to make a difference with their unique diverse backgrounds in any of the disciplines they choose to focus on. I like working on Virtual Assistants, and automation tools that make my life, the lives of my peers easier.

However, the opportunities and paths are virtually infinite anything and all is up for grabs. The Latina community is hugely missing from the current code contributors in the world and as part of the population that profits from it, the Latina community should be more proactive in influencing the technology that they and their community profit from.

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