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Place of birth:

San Antonio, TX

Family Heritage:

Mexico, USA


Student at Southwest High School

Current job:

Intern at US Air Force


I am learning more about Information Technology (IT) through shadowing and working hands-on. I help setup and manage computers on networks. I also fix computer related issues and learn more about Cyber Security. At school I am the Captain of a CyberPatriot (National Cyber Defense Competition) team and the school's CyberPatriot club coordinator. Along with the IT activities I do, I also have gained a few international IT Certifications through my school's IT Certification program, which is now a Dual Credit program. Besides, having IT knowledge I also programming knowledge.


Due to that I am the head coder on my robotics team. NCWIT is a community that I am highly active in. It is also a very supportive community that, and being in STEM has given me the opportunity to be a part of that. Thanks to choosing a field of STEM, I have been able to gain jump-start a career in high school, become a Hispanic Heritage Youth Award Winner, and become a NCWIT National Runner-Up Winner.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

Science and Technology, are more than just subjects, they shape the world around us. Our world is beginning to revolve around the Science and Technology industry. When a young Latina chooses to become a part of career fields involving Science and Technology or incorporate it into other fields, they are choosing to help shape our world. Besides the high paying wages that come with those career, is the opportunity to do more, and to be more. The more diversity in Science and Technological fields, the more different points of view and different ways of solving problems in these industries.

Having more Latinas represented in Scientific and Technological fields increases the our societies innovative possibilities.There is also so much support out there for Latinas in STEM. Pursuing a career in STEM allows Latinas to become part of tight-knit communities such as the NCWIT community. They not only get a chance to make a difference, but become part a highly supportive community.