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Place of birth:

Bogota, Colombia

Family Heritage:



Bachelor of Science, Foreign Language Education and Master of Science, Instructional Technology

Current job:

The Young Woman's Learning School of Astoria, Educator and Creative Director


At the Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria, I play role of an educator and creative director. I have successfully found a way to blend my passions and expertises: Spanish and Technology, to create innovative learning experiences for young women. I have transformed my classrooms into a digitalized, student-centered learning zone.The technology internship I initiated is a learning environment without borders where a group of girls with different technologies expertise such as: film, graphic design and code, work collaboratively to create and complete innovative projects.


Throughout this journey, we have created fun and inventive projects to ensure that other girls are exposed to various STEM opportunities as well. In the summer of 2015, we launched our first TYWLS Tech Explorers where we introduced code to 30 girls from the New York City area. In December of the same year, we introduced the Digital Dance, a project where student coders, dancers, graphic designers and filmmakers collaborate to create a beautiful work of art. It has become my mission to inspire young women to immerse themselves in the STEM fields and therefore inspire other young women to the same.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

Latinas generally have the courage to take on new challenges; we are resourceful, active, adventurous, curious, creative and aggressive, great characteristics to succeed in any STEM career. As a Latina, I know that we have the potential to bring another perspective in creating new achievements. Saddly, oftentimes our community is unaware of the different opportunities that STEM fields offer.

I constantly encourage Latinas to explore the myriad opportunities in the STEM fields because motivating more us to participate in this discovery will increase not only the low representation of women in these fields but also the innovation in future accomplishments.