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Place of birth:

Caracas, Venezuela

Family Heritage:



B.S. in Computer Science - Saint Leo University, A.S. in Network Server Administrator - Santa Fe Col

Current job:

IT Tech - University of Florida


I am currently pursuing two degrees, a B.S. in Computer Science at Saint Leo University and an A.S. in Network Server Administrator at Santa Fe College. In 2015, Santa Fe College recognized me as an outstanding student, which is the #1 community college in the nation. In addition, I received a scholarship to attend the 2015 National Center for Women and Information Technology at Hilton Head, SC, where I met and learned from outstanding women who have excelled at great companies such as Apple, Google, Bloomberg, Microsoft, NASA, and many more. I was also awarded with a scholarship to cover my tuition.


All of those awards encourage me to keep working hard to get my degree and make a difference as a Latina woman. Computer Science has been my passion since I was a teenager, and I will not stop until I become in a recognized Web Developer.

Why would you recommend exploring careers in science and technology to other Latina girls?

These careers are great if you want to use your creativity and your innovativeness to develop new things. You are always going to keep yourself thinking about how to improve or how to create something that will help others.

On the other hand, Latina women tend to be very organized, detail-oriented, problem solvers, and proactive people who can develop new technologies in a smart, fast, and in the best possible ways. If you like to work hard, to excel and make a difference, science and technology are the best careers for you.